An original series requires an original approach to marketing


When it was time to promote Hulu’s all-new, true-crime inspired comedy series, “Only Murders In the Building”, they knew the standard ‘trailer,’ ‘featurette’ and ‘scene lift’ playbook would be prove hard to find an audience among the constant stream of new content. And as an entirely new series, there wasn’t an existing fan base to capitalize on. Something new and innovative had to be done to truly break through.


We took the idea of the series and re-imagined it with another talented, relevant storyteller. Partnering with YouTube creator Rudy Mancuso, we created an original skit that took on a version of the show’s premise – with every character played by Rudy. While conventional wisdom suggested shorter content is always better, we proved that thinking wrong with a six-minute ‘inspired by’ short film, “Only Rudys In The Building”, that kept the audience engaged and wanting more. The video was launched organically on Rudy’s YouTube channel at the end of September and was pushed with TrueView paid media through October. Rudy promoted it on his social platforms as well.



Total Impressions




View-Through Rate


Headroom Lift for Ad Recall

Drove a week over week jump in viewership and helped establish Only Murders In the Building as the #1 comedy on Hulu.