TikTok influencers prove to be a rising success for Rising Crust Pizza


DiGiorno has had incredible success reaching consumers across social and digital with engaging content, but the brand wanted to further increase relevance among their target consumer.


We partnered with Kyle Exum (7M+ Followers) on TikTok to create an original audio and accompanying video to show the awesomeness that goes down when DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza comes out of the oven. Seven other creators used Kyle’s original audio in their own renditions to show how DiGiorno makes their homes the life of the party. By creating a unique and catchy song for the campaign, DiGiorno was able to show up authentically on TikTok and generate a positive response from the TikTok community.





Engagement Rate


View-Through Rate


Click-Through Rate (20% over industry benchmark)


Return On Advertising Spend (Highest in Food + Beverage Category)

Drove a 3.6% boost in brand awareness and a 6.8% improvement in consumer attitudes.